The Great Nerkmid Project!
Nerkmid Project Alien

The Nerkmid Project!
Need a rundown on the Machine? Check out the guides on Sunnyneo or Jellyneo! Then come back to see us!

5017 Total Nerkmids submitted!
11080786 Total Neopoints Won
76469 Highest Neopoint Reward Recorded
26 Lowest Neopoint Reward Recorded
^ Lowest NP stat is not 0, please submit your correct np rewards

Random Nerkmid Combo

For any questions, comments or what have you, neomail me!

Thanks edgeworthz!

Thanks Tobia!


8/28/19 - You can no longer obtain Non Paint Brush Items such as TCG's, paint brush cookies etc.
Only the changes to Paintbrush items have been changed. Functionality has not been changed, Your combos still work, just means you are having bad luck! (RIP the 7m I spent the other day on nerks lol)
Paint Brushes have been renamed to PaintBrush

Submit away!

Looking for a bit of help: Its come time I need a bit more experienced coder for some of the things Im needing/wanting. If anyone has experience and is willing to help out please send me a note of all that you can do!
We have reached 5k nerkmids submitted!

Thank you everyone that has submitted or referenced the site! We still have more to learn! With that milestone I can take a look and see how everything has done so far and will hopefully soon have a synopsis of some kind. Thank you to everyone who submitted. I know the site needs a bit of work and once I get some help there should be some site quality of life and fun changes.
Some Favorite combos by other users
Try a few out yourself!

  • Copper: 3, Right Purple, 3, 6 (NP combo)
  • Aluminium: 1, Left Green, 1, 0 (PB combo)
  • Plantinum X: 3, Left Green, 3, 3 (NP, PB combo)
  • Golden X: 1, Left Green, 1, 0 (PB combo)
Quick tip: If you are going for a big neopoint win, if your combos base amount is less than 1,000np then switch to a combo that does. The lower the base np the harder it will be for a large score. Good luck!

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